Songs Past Ring True...

SOUND OF STONE (Book I of the Interval of Fragments) is an epic fantasy novel which follows a young woman in her search for a home within the tumultuous, subterranean ecosystem of the Known Caverns.

A fearsome huntress living off the land and her wits, Shay stumbles across a mystery in the form of human bones; touching them, she witnesses the infant's final moments and memories that seem to call out from her own haunted past. But the bones are soon lost, and to recover them, Shay must assist a rag-tag group of wanderers from many tribes who need her special talent to avert an impending disaster.

He is rescued. He is trained. But can he escape the Darkness?

Deep within the Known Caverns, a young worker toils for faceless masters until discovering a secret that places him in terrible danger. Dangling from the great chasm bridge, he is saved from certain death by a mysterious stranger.

Can he trust his rescuers, the resistance movement hiding in the crevices of the underground city? What makes them different from the all-powerful Rahz, who had enslaved him under the pretext of protecting him from the shadows of the Abyss? And will his newfound abilities and belief in the Above be enough to effect a daring escape from the darkness?